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Monday, April 27, 2009

so much to be grateful for

God made the whole moving deal extremely smooth.

Bhramara and I were able to have d-groups on the phone in despite of where we were.

Sau made me very tasty chicken pasta and marinated zuccinni last night. And I had the leftovers for lunch today.

Our 2-bed 2-bath apt in FW is spacious, neat, convenient, and costs less than half of what we paid in NY for a nasty one-bed apt.

I have had so much good food over the past 10 days.

We got to hang out with some old friends.

We went to his old church last Sunday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

FW: our new apt

from the master bedroom window

part of our living room

the kitchen area

the beautiful dining table set I assembled yesterday afternoon

NY: Bronx Botanical Garden

the conservatory

some sort of tulip

cherry blossom

Bronx river, bridge, yellow wild flowers

a small water fall

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a brief update

I flew to NY on Friday afternoon. My husband picked me up and then we met up an old friend/roommate of mine and had dinner together. I hadn't seen her for 4~5 years, but it didn't feel that way.

On Saturday we went to Bronx Botanical Garden. It was beautiful there. Lots of cherry blossoms. I will post some pictures later. The next few days we were basically packing and eating. It wasn't bad at all.

We took off at 10am on Wednesday morning, stopped a few times for gas, food, etc., and arrived at Ann Arbor around 8:30pm. Then we drove from Ann Arbor to Fort Wayne today. Signed the lease. Bought a lot of stuff. Did tons of organizing. Now I am exhausted.

Overall I am thankful that the whole trip has been very smooth. God has been protecting our safety and pouring blessings into our lives.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the most common symptoms in House

I have been addicted to watching "House". My impression is that these symptoms show up quite frequently.

1. seisure
2. respiratory distress or arrest
3. vomitting blood
4. skin rash
5. heart failure
6. liver or kidney failure
7. delusion
8. numbness

Common diagnosis are
1. CT
2. MRI
3. lumbar puncture
4. medical history
5. search the patient's home illeagally
6. whole body scan
7. laboratory diagnosis

Causes might be
1. tumor, or sometimes cancer
2. infection
3. virus

Btw, it`s never Lupus!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Once upon a time

I had a kitten just like this one, for one night.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I am thankful that

--- Jinli walked mo for me this afternoon. And she brought me food too.
--- my cells are alive.
--- I was able to make the visa interview appointment for my parents. This time I didn't have any problem with the calling card. And the date and time is perfect. God rocks!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I love chocolate raspberry tart

Thursday, April 09, 2009

keep on counting my blessings

On Tuesday night I tried to make the visa appointment for my parents. Strangely there was only one day available which was too close for them to be ready. I was a little bit frustrated, because I just checked online and it showed that there were open slots on much more desirable dates.

I had no idea of what's going on, so I decided to wait a few more days.

Then last night my mom told me that some information was wrong in one of her application forms. She was given a new passport when she renewed it a couple of years ago. So I used her old passport number while filling out the form.

So I would have been more frustrated now if I did make that appointment for them using the wrong passport number. I would need to do everything all over again and waste more money.

It struck me how God takes care of me even on this kind of trivial things. He doesn't want to put me through unnecessary trials. Most of the time it is hard for us to see our blessings. Sometimes we just assume things happen. The truth is that there is no coincidence. Or as Albert Einstein said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous".

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a good day

Things went well at our group meeting. My boss was happy with everyone, or he was just in a good mood. Either way is good. He even told me that I could stay in Indiana with my husband when I don't have experiments, without me asking for it. I am so so grateful.

Monday, April 06, 2009

the weekend

On Friday Jinli and I went to Madra Masala for dinner. I really like their curry lam dish. And then we walked around for a bit.

Ciara and I had brunch at flim flam on Saturday. We hadn't had a chance to talk to each other for weeks. It was great to catch up with her and enjoy a tasty omelette with both ham and bacon in it. Then Jinli, Bhramara and I went to Howell. The weather was nice, so it's perfect for shopping at an outlet mall. We all did a good job to stimulate the economy.

On Sunday I got up early to greet at our church. And I loved being a greeter. Smiling was pretty natural to me. I guess it makes me happy seeing people coming to the services. Then Sau and I had lunch at Asian Legend. After that, I worked in the office for a little bit.

In the evening, I finally had the time and energy to make the raspberry tart. It was a success. Also, I ate some delicious fish taco Sau made.

All in all, a lot of food + quality time with friends = a great weekend.

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's Friday! My breakfast was a slice of the lemon pound cake Sau made last night. Yummy!

Today I don't plan to do much. Continue my simulation, mail out the document for my parents, and maybe work a bit in the lab.

I liked the d-group last night. And I am so thankful that Bhramara will stay here for at least one more year.

Everything is still up in the air. Good thing is that I know I am being taken care of.