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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


In one of Jerry Seinfield's comedy performance, he talked about why people look for information which they already know. For example, when he was driving, he checked from the mirror to see if it's him driving the car. And he said, "what if I saw a little korean woman? Should I stop the car and check in the mirror again? If I still saw a little korean woman, I should say to myself 'stand corrected'. I am a little korean woman, and I want to get some manicure".

This is somewhat similar to my previous post. So it is not that weird to think that there might be an identical me driving an identical car somewhere living a hopefully more interesting life.

Talking about comedian, it is one of my unrealistic dream jobs, together with songwriter, housewife, population investigator, paparazzi, etc. However, my passion was kind of turned off after watching the film "comedian" by Jerry Seinfield.

It is pleasure to make friends laugh, but when it becomes that all you think is why people didn't laugh at your jokes or performance, it is apparently painful. It is ridiculous that rich people like Jerry are still doing the standup and get stressed by it, but it must be very difficult for new comedians. You have to have talent, passion, good memory, and have to work really hard.

It's funny that those comedians were so easily offended by any word from the audience. It seems that people who tell jokes can't really take jokes. Well, it's easy for me to say.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I love Homer

It's not until last year that I started to watch "the simpsons". Yeah, I know, what a shame. And it's also a shame that I just realized that it's M and G for Homer's ear.

Well, I usually pay certain amount of attention to shows based on how good-looking the people in the show are. So no wonder that I was not interested in Homer until I decided not to have cable in my new apartment and the only entertaining channel to me is UPN.

After coming to US, my TV watching pattern didn't change much. I usually watch stuffs that are simple and funny. So it went from "friends"(again, good-looking people) to "Raymond" to "seinfield" to "south park"(which built most of my dirty-word vocabulary) to "simpsons". From time to time, I watch some other shows like "king of the queens", or "freasier", but I swear to God that I only had serious relationships with the last three in that chain.

What do I love most about Homer? Probably his honesty with himself, which we can hardly find in ourselves. Oh, forget about it. I don't wanna go deep with Homer. I will just go home, turn on TV, grab a beer, lie in my couch, and laugh out loud.


Recently I have re-developed an interest in chocolate. I have finished three big bars in two weeks. It will probably go to an end when my belly grows back, which is gone temperarily due to two months' hard work in the lab.

The one I am working on now is Ritter Sport milk chocolate with whole almonds. It says on its package that "this product may contain traces of peanuts, hazelnuts, other nuts and wheat". So are they trying to tell us all other types of chocolate they are making? And they only have one container for them?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

what if there is another me

From time to time, there will be some weird idea popping up. Like today when I was waiting at the traffic light, there was another car which looked exactly the same like mine heading towards a different direction.

Then I was thinking: what if it's another me sitting in that car? will I be scared?

Well, I found it rather comforting than terrifying. After all, you only have yourself to fully trust and rely on in the world. So if there is not just one me, probably there will be less moments when I feel desperate.

But I don't want to see me everywhere, because it will be quite annoying. Remember when Jerry Seinfield found the female "Jerry"? That'll be the case.

And all I wanna say to myself is "hold on, buddy".

Friday, February 17, 2006

two movies

Last night I watched "Rumor has it". It is not as bad as the reviews said. It has some pretty funny lines, but putting Jennifer Aniston in it is definitely a big failure. She simply doesn't have her charms in big screens. Mark Raffulo is still one of my favorite actors. I first noticed him from "13 going to 30", then "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". "Just like heaven" was too naive even for a love movie, but he still has it in "Rumor has it".

Meanwhile, "pride & prejudice" gave me a hard time with understanding their British English. I read this book when I was really young, so I know what's going on there. But it is rather frustrating when I knew they said something funny but I just didn't get it. As for the movie itself, it is neither bad nor great. Keira Knightly did her job, but failed to get my emotion attached to the movie. Just like other movies made from a famous book, people will be more or less disappointed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

feeling secure

Is it true that you will feel more secure if you feel that you can totally be on yourself?

Or is there always a place in your heart craving for more love?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Signals showing I am driven insane by my research

1. when it snowed outside, the first thing coming into my mind was "particle image velocimetry";

2. while using my hand cream, I was thinking that a size 1/2" wrench can be used to un-screw the cap;

3. update this blog instead of going to bed at 1:30am after 14 hours' work in the lab.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Finally I figured out how to make the stepper motor run by using some "dumb mode". By all means, sort of working "dumb mode" is absolutely better than non-working "smart mode".

It tells me: first, read the manual if there is one. Second, never give it up as long as there is still time. You never know what will come up.

Well, go back to work!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

who will save my soul

Took some data tonight, but I don't think they are very useful. I am so exhausted and started to ask myself the old question again: what's the meaning of all this? Can I be happy even after I graduate? I know I should enjoy life, but sometimes I can't help feeling so tired of everything.

At this kind of moments, I do wish I had some God to rely on.

Though it is not very wise to have food before I go to bed, I still had two pancakes and one glass of warm milk. If no one can save my soul now (assuminng I have soul), I better save my stomache instead.