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Sunday, December 20, 2009

count the blessings

There are a few not-so-light things on my mind, but I am confidant that I have been receiving quite a few blessings recently, in addition to the ones I take for granted most of the time.

My husband got his FSA certificate a week ago, which is probably the most valuable paper you can get if you are an actuary. I prayed for him the night before he gave his presentation. And God answered it. My husband had not done public speaking before, and his English is not so great. But he told me that on his way to the stage there was this strange calmness and confidance in him. And everything went really well.

One of my paper got accepted by the best journal in fluid mechanics. During my Ph.D. I never dreamt of this day that I would get anything published in that journal. Yet it is happening. I seriously don't think I deserve it.

My baby kicks me everyday now, which is so reassuring. Maybe the day will come soon when I complain about it. But now I am enjoying his every mysterious movement. I call it mysterious, because I have no idea what his position is. :)

I am also grateful for many other things. My husband and my mom get along well. The winter has been warm. God has given me a life of abundance. I am picking up my appetite. I have been making different kinds of food and most of them were success. We have a group of friends here as well. Holidays don't feel bad any more.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger d said...

i'm glad things are going well -mysterious kicking and all. :)

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Ciara said...

congrats all around! and merry christmas!


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