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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

bug bite

The antibiotic medicine I took made me quite dizzy the whole day. Fortunately the swelling in my left leg is becoming much better, though there is still a large area of redness.

I started to suffer from severe bug bites last year. I went to the hospital yesterday because it was getting scary and I felt I was going to be crippled. I guess it was the right decision, though Brian suggested me to do so a year ago.

As a curious patient, I googled the name the doctor gave to my symptoms "infected insect bite cellulitis". Well, it seems like she was right. However, I forgot to ask if there is any way to prevent this from happening again.

This has the potential to be a major reason that I won't go to tropical areas. I am just that delicious, so stay away from the bugs!


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Elbow said...

There is no hidding from are tasty and they will eat you. Memphis certainly isn't tropical and you get biten even with bug spray on.


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